Meet Liz.

Born and raised in Iowa City, Liz has deep roots in the cycling community.

What began with a lot of rides in mom’s bike trailer quickly turned into learning how to bike in the grassy area beside Mark Twain Elementary School in Iowa City. Whether she was riding her banana seat bike around the Lucas Farms neighborhood or going on longer tandem-bike adventures with her mom, Liz was hooked. “I quickly fell in love with biking, especially when the rides involved stopping at the Dairy Queen on Riverside Drive.”

A lot has changed since then, but her love of riding bikes (and ice cream!) remains. 

Liz’s favorite thing about Bike Iowa City? The people! “The people I’ve met through the cycling community are unmatched. While we’re a motley crew, we share a passion for exploring and adventure. I especially have a soft spot for the Gravel Scouts community. I started riding with the group in 2019, when I was terrified of — but curious about — gravel riding. I’m so glad I checked it out. I’ve shared some of the best adventures with the friends I met through those rides. Whether it’s going on a Friday night cruise around town, riding on Monday Night Gravel, or packing up our bags and venturing out on a bikepacking trip, I always know I’ll be around some kick-ass people and that it will always be an adventure.”

Liz is the heart behind Bike Iowa City, where she helps build up the local cycling culture and amplify the message of Bike Iowa City as the Midwest’s premier cycling community for adventurepreneurs, retirees, and everyone in between.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

It’s so hard to choose a favorite. My all time favorite gravel route is MNG – Hedgeballs. I did this route for the first time at a Monday Night Gravel ride in 2019. I always attribute it as the ride that made me fall in love with gravel adventures… b-roads, grassy stretches, and the most beautiful, hilly gravel… you can’t beat it!

I love the Coralville singletrack and flow trails for a quick, easy-to-access mountain bike adventure. It’s a nice escape when I need to clear my mind and get some fresh air.

My favorite road ride is riding out to Kalona. What can I say… I love cheese curds and riding by Amish buggies!

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

My favorite event to attend is Jingle Cross / UCI Cyclocross World Cup. It’s such a neat experience being able to watch world-class athletes compete here in Iowa City. Some of my favorite events to ride include IC Gravel, the Bike Library’s Farm Cycle, and ICORR’s Sugar Bottom Scramble (I did my first Scramble this past year!).

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Big Grove. Hands down. It’s right down the road from my house and it’s a classic watering hole for our cycling community.