Overview. This is a portal website and guide to existing online local resources. It’s not intended to be exhaustive, but simply offers links to other major cycling resources in the area.

  • Bike Trails. Want help navigating local trails? Feel free to call the trails hotline at 319-621-4911. For more information, visit IowaCityBikeTrails.com
  • Bike Work Life. Want to better integrate daily cycling into your career? Check out BikeWorkLife.com

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Bike Trails

The resources below come from the IowaCityBikeTrails.com website.

Bike Trails Map Video Tour

This video offers a narrated guided tour of bicycle trails using Google maps.

Riding Video Introduction – Start Here

The video below offers a brief introduction to trails in the Iowa City Coralville area using the Iowa River Power Company as a starting point.

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Announcing the Interactive Bike Trails Video Tour!

The Interactive Bike Trails Video Tour involves the following: (1) Upload videos of local bike trails and suggested routes, (2) Create YouTube playlists of these ride segments to form complete ride videos, (3) Provide links from each video to choices of where to go next for an interactive experience, (4) Include a narrated Google Maps … Continue reading Announcing the Interactive Bike Trails Video Tour!

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