Meet John.

John started biking when he was four; he borrowed a bike from a neighbor’s garage (they weren’t home) because it didn’t have training wheels. “It took me a couple hours, but I managed. I grew up biking only to lose sight of it as a teen. In my mid-30s – struggling with a divorce and trying to quit a 2-pack-a-day cigarette habit – I borrowed a coworker’s bike and haven’t stopped since.”

John works as an Orthopedic Technician, where he put casts and braces on people, remove stitches and staples, apply dressings, etc. “When my patients tell me they crashed their bikes I want all the details!”

Why did you start biking?

The freedom. The fun. The challenge. No wonder when I took it up again as an adult biking quickly led to bike racing.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

Sugar Bottom Road (north) or Sand Road (south). Which way is the wind coming? Still, even as “roadie,” honorable mention to the Sugar Bottom MTB trail network.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

Jingle Cross. The Iowa City Criterium. RAGBRAI (once in a while).

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Big Grove (IC or Solon during the ride), Shakespeare’s, maybe Shorts Eastside.