Meet Jim.

Jim works in enterprise IT on supply chain solutions but spends his evenings and weekends biking, hiking and doing photo walks. His vacation time is mostly spent doing RV trips where he gets to take the biking and hiking all over the country and even beyond with some RV trips to Mexico and Canada over the years.

While Jim grew up on a farm riding a banana seat bike around the dirt and gravel, he got serious about biking when he came to college his freshman year (1989). That’s when he got a Huffy and discovered bike commuting from his apartment off campus. Quickly, he found out that riding was a lot of fun and started finding dirt trails and places to do jumps and ride obstacles around campus and around town. This led him to more serious mountain biking, including helping out with some of the original trail building at the Sugar Bottom trails.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

What I really love is the network of trails that we have in Johnson County.  I can ride my bike out of my garage and do so many different rides.  I start on the paved trails where I put on the miles. Those trails lead me to Sugar Bottom, Woodpecker and Creekside or other destinations.  I love that after a full day of work, I can ride both pavement and dirt without using my car and still be back in time to make a (late) dinner.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

This is a hard call, I may have a three way tie.  The Sugar Bottom Scramble mountain bike race has been a long time favorite, both as a participant and helping prep and during race day.  I really had a blast at the Mountain Bike Festival in Coralville this fall as well.  There were a lot of people on the flow trails having fun and I saw some great riding.  I also had fun riding in a group ride that day.  The final event I have to call out is Jingle Cross.  That’s an amazing three days of biking fun with events covering the whole biking spectrum from pets, kids and amateurs through world champion professionals racing the UCI series.  Even though I’m not that into racing, it’s great to see the riders, there’s a festive atmosphere, and a live DJ on top of the hill to top it off.  The energy and fun and contagious at Jingle Cross.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

The patio at Mosley’s in North Liberty is a great stop to refuel and tell tall tales after a ride.

Bike organizations you're involved with

I help ICORR with trail maintenance and volunteered this year at the Mountain Bike Festival and at Jingle Cross.  Now that my kids are off to college themselves I am looking to get more involved again after a 20 year break from being active in the bike community.