Meet Brian.

Brian loves being outdoors, watching the seasons change, riding through town, hanging out with different people, visiting local businesses, getting chased by dogs (when they don’t bite), watching cows run along side him, and all the other adventures that cycling in the Iowa City area provides.

Brian does almost all of his cycling with his kids: Axel who is 10 and Lumen who is 8. “They have been cycling for years already. In fact, Lumen did her first 50 mile rode when she was 6 years old. We ride mostly on trails, single track, and gravel. But this year my kids added cyclocross by joining the Corridor Devo team. Their love of cyclocross has gotten me into the sport too.”

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

Woodpecker Trail in Coralville or any gravel road in Johnson County.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

Jingle Cross. It’s like the Super Bowl, but with bikes.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Big Grove in Iowa City is my favorite post-ride stop because it’s close to the gravel roads that I enjoy riding.

Bike organizations you're involved with

I am most involved with the Corridor Devo cyclocross team because both of my kids are a part of the team. They really love the sport.