Meet Angie.

Angie’s love of biking began as a kid racing in the Cedar Rapids MNB bike race, and spending her summers biking to the pool multiple times a day.

Fifteen years ago, Angie returned to biking, driven by her desire for her young kids to enjoy biking as much as she did when she was a kid. Her investment paid off, as her children continue to join her on biking adventures.

As a passionate year-round bike commuter, Angie engages with fellow commuters, highlighting a “Commuter of the Week” each week on Instagram. Through these posts, Angie aims to encourage more people in the community to choose biking as a form of transportation. “There are thousands of people who commute by bike and I want to highlight their voices in the hopes of improving bike infrastructure in our community.”


Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

This fall my schedule finally allowed for me to participate in our local Farm Cycle, which I absolutely enjoyed.

Alleycats + RAGBRAI

My daughter has also turned me on to the fun in Alley Cats, and celebrated a recent big birthday by participating in an AlleyCat. I also have rode at least a few days of Ragbrai for the past several years. I love how the small towns of Iowa go all-out for RAGBRAI- it’s the best way to highlight and enjoy our State.