Meet Alex.

Bikes and trails are in Alex’s blood. As a kid, Alex grew up riding rogue singletrack trails near his parents’ place in Burlington, Iowa. Now, you’ll find him riding not-so-rogue singletrack that he helped design in his role as Parks Superintendent for the City of Coralville.

Alex started riding bikes again seriously in the last few years to manage stress and for physical health. “Biking is such a healthy outlet and there’s also this social, not to mention spiritual, aspect to it. I’ve met so many amazing people in the cycling world and formed both awesome friendships and working relationships this way!”

Alex is the brains behind Iowa’s new premier cycling event, core4, which will make its debut this summer on August, 27, 2022. core4 leaves no surface untouched. Follow along for the ride at and on core4’s Instagram.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

The northeast gravel just outside of IC is probably my favorite riding, especially around the Oasis area. I like to take visitors to the Vincent B roads, which are classic and really showcase the Iowa gravel scene. When I need a quick hit, a townie ride through IC to CV singletrack always does the trick. You can ride 20-30 miles in the metro all on separated paved trails and singletrack!

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

I’m usually in the most trouble at home after a Jinglecross weekend if that’s any indication of a good time. Also some of my favorite CV events are Yedi Pedal in the winter for Fatbike riding at Woodpecker and the Iowa MTB Festival at Creekside Flow. It hasn’t officially launched yet but the latest project I’m involved with, core4, is going to be absolute dirty gravel fun! You always remember your first though, so I must give props to Farm Cycle (formerly known as RadTour) for hosting the first event I went to in Iowa City 5 years ago. Audrey of the Bike Library always puts on an incredible event.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Depends on which direction the ride/wind was! That’s what’s so amazing about our community. You can go any direction and plan a great final destination or a pit stop along the way. There’s either of the Big Groves, Hills 218 Tap, Sutliff, or Reds. Or, if I’m riding CV singletrack, I might hit Reunion patio or somewhere in the IRL like Backpocket.

Bike organizations you're involved with

My employer: the City of Coralville, Bike Iowa City, ICCOR, MPO, Iowa City Bike Library, Iowa Bike Coalition, Backyard Trails, Bolton and Menk, the Wellmark Foundation. All the bike shops have been great to work with; Geoff’s, WOB, and SBB. CFJC have been big supporters of CV singletrack. And then recently the DNR and Forterra for material donations. GreenState and Hills Bank are also now involved with our singletrack. With core4 we are partnering with some amazing groups; 4 different agencies, Rule of Three out of Bentonville, Wilsons Orchard, Big Grove, and a few of the non-profits above. We always need more youth on bikes so I want to start working with Corridor Devo and NCJC on some engagement opportunities as well.