Meet Aaron.

Spring, summer, fall, or winter… you can find Aaron cycling around Bike Iowa City year-round! “I love watching the changes as the seasons turn. Whether it’s the mountain bike trails going from dirt to snow, the students coming and going on my route to work in the morning, or the gravel and B-roads going from sludge to hardpack to ice and back again, the seasonal variations on my favorite routes are just so much fun.”

Before joining the Riverside Theatre as their Development Director, Aaron spent 7 years working at World of Bikes in Iowa City. “As a result, I have experience with every type of cycling, and a garage full of equipment that helps me ride wherever and whenever my whims or needs might take me. I’ve got 6 RAGBRAI’s under my belt (one self-contained with a bikepacking setup), tons of gravel experience, I’ve led fat bike excursions and bikepacking trips, participated in races, and commuted by bike on a daily basis for the last 10 years.” 

Even though he doesn’t work with bikes on a day-to-day basis anymore, he still incorporates cycling into the local art and theatre scene. Back in 2021, he helped coordinate a partnership between The Riverside Theatre and the Iowa City Bike Library where they organized a “Bike to the Bard” event and led a group ride from the Iowa City Bike Library to the free Shakespeare in the Park performance.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

Tough call, but probably the gravel loop to Solon out through Lower West Branch and back on Prairie Du Chien (or vice versa). 30-something miles total with plenty of hills to climb and bomb no matter which direction you go, lots of options for mid-ride food and drink, and plenty of opportunities to tack on a few extra miles if you’re in the mood.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

As a participant I’ve really enjoyed IC Gravel, all of the fat bike races, and back in the day I was a regular at Monday Night Gravel. From a spectators standpoint, it’s gotta be Jingle Cross (especially back when it was later in the year). Nothing like standing next to a fire barrel with a beer and watching world-class riders suffer in the freezing mud!

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Georges! After a ride I love warming up or cooling off with a set of alliterative refreshments: bourbon, beer, and a burger.

Bike organizations you're involved with

I was a day-one rider with Monday Night Gravel, and I used to slam around town with the WoB employees on the regular. When I worked at WoB I also helped organize and lead some of the Friday Night Fat rides. For the most part my riding is very informal – I can be found with like-minded friends out for a night of bikepacking or a midwinter gravel grind with plenty of beer stops.