If you are looking for media coverage, information to help put together your own article or press release about your participation in Bike Iowa City’s Bike Friendly Business program or for help on how to get businesses in your community to participate in the program, then you are in the right place! If for some reason you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Bike Friendly Business Logo & Photos

Please feel free to use the Bike Friendly logo in your communications and messaging ONLY if you are recognized in the program or using it for marketing or media purposes. If you have any questions about logo usage or would like photos to use, please contact us.

Bike Friendly Business Program Messaging

  • Our Business/Hotel is Recognized Bike Friendly by Bike Iowa City – Our business/hotel has achieved recognition in Bike Iowa City’s Bike Friendly Business program! We’ve demonstrated our commitment to serving visitors who ride bikes and to providing specific amenities they may need. We hope your business will become Bike Friendly too! Together, we can make the Bike Iowa City bike experience even better for our visitors and for the people who live here.  Learn more about the program at bikeiowacity.com.
  • About the Bike Friendly Business Program – Johnson County loves bicyclists… and bicyclists love Johnson County! The Bike Friendly Business Program is a recognition and training program aimed to 1). Help tourism-related businesses understand the importance of Johnson County’s growing bicycle tourism industry. 2). Provide tips and tools for how businesses can be Bike Friendly. 3). Highlight businesses who commit to enhancing the Johnson County biking experience for visitors and community members
  • How to be Recognized Bike Friendly by Bike Iowa City – In order to participate in Bike Iowa City’s Bike Friendly Business program your business must follow the four simple steps to get recognized. Step 1: Know the program requirements and recommendations. Depending on the services or amenities your business provides, there may be requirements that we request you adhere to. Step 2: Submit your application. Step 3: Once recognized, Bike Iowa City will present you with a window/door decal that you can showcase proudly at your business or hotel – allowing visitors who ride to locate your Bike Friendly business while out on their adventure. Learn more at bikeiowacity.com.