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Announcing the Interactive Bike Trails Video Tour!

The Interactive Bike Trails Video Tour involves the following: (1) Upload videos of local bike trails and suggested routes, (2) Create YouTube playlists of these ride segments to form complete ride videos, (3) Provide links from each video to choices of where to go next for an interactive experience, (4) Include a narrated Google Maps guide showing a bird’s eye view of each ride by enabling satellite view and bike trails view. — Any municipality or community can replicate this project to create their own local guided video bike tours (or even walking tours). To request your own personalized bike trail in the Iowa City area, visit

Rivers to Rails, Highways to Trails

Rivers were the first major means of travel and transport of goods. This resulted in larger cities being located near rivers or lakes. As railroads were developed, they mostly replaced rivers as a means of travel and transport. Some of the river towns suffered as a result. Cities along railroads became the new hubs of industry.

For many decades, highways replaced rivers and rails as the new means of travel and transport. Cities on major highways became the new hubs of industry.

As technology has downsized our lives, we’re no longer transporting the physical ‘things’ we once had delivered by trucks such as books, newspapers, magazines, printer paper, pens, office supplies, music CDs, DVDs, postal mail, etc. Many ‘things’ are now in digital form. So, physical proximity to rivers, rails, and roads has become less relevant.

Many people are telecommuting, being able to work from anywhere. Today’s computers and other technologies now fit in a shirt pocket or in a hand bag and no longer weigh 30 pounds or require a desk to place them on.

Because of these developments, trails and bicycling are the future of travel and transport.

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