Meet Justin.

Hey! I’m Justin. As a new transplant to Iowa City from Colorful Colorado, I knew that my cycling adventures would change. However, the sheer amount of gravel accessible right out your front door hands down beats out Colorado. Whether exploring Amish country to the Southwest, or exploring the state parks and nature preserves that litter the area, there is boundless adventure to be had, especially if it involves peanut butter mud and B-roads!

I lived in the Front Range of Colorado for the past few years where the cycling culture can be….intense. It’s not everyday you go for your normal loop and get passed my professional teams. Unfortunately, that type of cycling culture can feel exclusive, pretentious and overall not welcome if you’re not on a very expensive bicycle, super thin, and of certain class. I worked at Community Cycles in Boulder, Colorado, a non-profit bike repair shop and found my passion in cycling: to help everyone get on bicycles and enjoy them for what they provide whether it be exercise, mental health relief, a way to connect with nature and with others. My aim is to making cycling an inclusive community where all are welcome and seen.

When + why I started biking

I remember learning to ride a bike as a young kid, along with a pretty severe fall on my face. I remember watching the Tour de France with my dad throughout middle and high school. I became more serious and passionate about cycling in college when the owner of the campus coffee shop I worked at helped me order my first road bike and took me on some longer rides. When I moved to Colorado, a whole new world opened up and I pursued bicycle mechanics at a local non-profit community bicycle shop, taught my high school students how to maintain their bicycles and made lots of time for weekend getaways for gravel, road and mountain rides.
In college, I biked to de-stress and find balance in my life. It provided me with great exercise and a way to escape from the stress of my coursework, etc. It has continued to serve that purpose as well as exploring and adventuring.

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

As I live just on the edge of Tiffin near farmland, I love that Iowa gravel is right out my backdoor. I have a regular 15-25 mi loop that I can make shorter or longer depending on how much time I have that explores the Hawkeye Wildlife Area. Most times, I have it all to myself. I’m really excited for the day when the Tiffin bike path connects to Coralville as that will open up a big artery for me to explore further.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

It’s been a few years since I stopped drinking, but I still would be found at Big Grove Brewery. Both Solon and Iowa City locations, but the Cheese Fries at the Iowa City location take the cake. Red’s in North Liberty has a good NA beer available too! I need to check out the new Dry Bar in Iowa City, too!