Meet Jim.

Jim hadn’t touched a bike for over 20 years until August of 2020, when his friends Joe Hughes and Caleb Wilson dragged him to Woodpecker for a mountain bike ride. “I had honestly been dodging them for a few weeks but they were persistent!  I dusted off my 90’s era Giant Rainier mountain bike, pumped up the flat tires to 55 psi, and off we went.” Since that day Jim has biked 3,734 miles (Yes, he did purchase a new bike or two…) – from mountain bike trails to RAGBRAI, Jingle Cross, the Snaggy Ridge gravel race, the Lake McBride Fat Tire Bike Challenge, and many more. “I guess you could say i’m addicted to all types of cycling!”


“The social and community benefits of cycling have been pleasantly surprising. Of course RAGBRAI is a famous group ride, but I have really enjoyed cruising the trails at Sugar Bottom, riding the gravel roads between Iowa City and Kalona, toeing the Jingle Cross starting line, and bundling up for the Lake McBride race with my friends old and new. I’m looking forward to sharing with others the numerous public group rides and cycling events hosted by local bike shops, ICORR, Think Iowa City, and our local communities.”

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

Sugar Bottom and Woodpecker mountain bike trails.  I can ride to and from Woodpecker from my home, and Sugar Bottom is the best mountain bike trail in Iowa in my opinion.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

Jingle Cross is truly a world class event.  The job done by Think Iowa City to not only bring this race to Johnson County, but to put it on in a world class manner was incredible to see.  I raced in the two Cat 5 events on Friday and Saturday and did the gravel ride Sunday.  Can’t wait to do it again next year.  ICORR’s Sugar Bottom Scramble and Sugar Bottom Marathon events are a close second.  Mountain biking is my favorite type of cycling, and the combination of ICORR’s quality events with the Sugar Bottom trail system is hard to beat.

Bike organizations you're involved with

ICORR.  I’m an ICORR member and participated in each of their events in 2021.  I also participated in events organized by each of our local bike shops.  Geoff’s does a great job leading local cyclocross events, I love Sugar Bottom Bikes’ group gravel rides, and I got my first new mountain bike from World of Bikes.  We’re blessed to have all three in our market, each representing different brands, specialties, and inventories.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

Big Grove is perfectly located on my way back home from most of my favorite gravel routes!