Meet Hannah.

Hannah’s passion for cycling was reignited a few years ago when she started riding with the Gravel Scouts on the Monday Night Gravel rides. “I’ve found the most fabulous community in biking. Making friends on a bike is the superior way to build friendships. When you have an activity like bicycling to bring people together they naturally start sharing other aspects of their lives, and people who would never have interacted otherwise become great friends.”

Another thing Hannah loves about Bike Iowa City is that this community is beautiful. “If you never left the city bounds, you’d think Iowa City was cute. Once you head out (in any direction), the landscape of Johnson county is breathtaking and diverse. No two rides are the same and you can always guarantee an incredible view.”

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

I love Vincent Ave. It’s a long B-road with a little bit of everything. There’s grass and sand, uphill and downhill. You can pair that with the Hoover Nature Trail and get even more variety.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

I did IC Gravel this past year and absolutely loved it. The course was great and the event was well run. Jingle Cross is also an easy favorite. There’s so much to see and do, from the dog run to gravel rides and watching professionals take on Mt. Krumpit.

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

I’m a sucker for ice cream, meet me at Heyn’s. Honestly, though, you can’t beat that Big Grove patio; sitting in the sun, talking about the ride, laughing about the little moments and planning the next one.