Meet Amy.

Growing up in rural Iowa, Amy spent her early days biking on dirt roads, chasing her faster boy cousins and out-sprinting her neighbor’s Doberman dog. Although years have passed since those days, Amy’s love for dirt and gravel roads hasn’t subsided. Now living in Iowa City, Amy is a gravel cycling enthusiast and is a fierce advocate for women and females in cycling, serving as a mentor for many triathletes and female cyclists. “I feel that it is important to elevate women in the cycling space. As a nurse I also advocate for children on bicycles. Too many children sit in front of screens and lack outdoor time. I have always been big on taking my children and their friends on bike rides.”

Favorite place to ride in Bike Iowa City

This really depends on the weather or what bike I want to ride. I gave up IRONMAN and triathlon events and my triathlon training in 2022 when all my roll over races were done in 2021. I went back to my childhood roots of riding gravel again and I really love our gravel roads here in Johnson County. I’m also so grateful for all the paths we have if I want to ride with my daughter or a fat bike ride with my running dog in the winter.

Favorite cycling event in Bike Iowa City

Bike Library’s Farm Cycle. I love the combination of community, food, traveling from farm to farm. It is a little like a throwback to my childhood! 2022 was special in that my 11 year-old daughter came along with us on the 22 mile route and it was her first “gravel event”. 

You're ready for some grub after a ride. Where will we find you?

I am very food motivated. I am known to bring along snacks or join in on rides where there is a stop/ending or start at a great bakery or restaurant. I tell people that “I am my own food truck”. Food is fuel! I love a good coffee stop. Some of my favorite places in Iowa City: Big Grove, Deluxe Bakery, Heyn’s Ice Cream, Press Coffee, Walker’s Homestead, and Danes Dairy.

Bike organizations you're involved with

I am a team member of the “Girls Gone Gravel” cycling team across the U.S. We have meet ups online and at events. Last year I was able to attend 3 different events with these amazing women. They have a weekly podcast online and I have met so many race directors, coaches, pro gravel athletes and women riders from all different communities.